De Metz advises KeBeK Private Equity on the acquisition of a majority stake in BBC Bouwmanagement






The Belgian private equity investment fund KeBeK Private Equity has acquired a majority stake in BBC Bouwmanagement. De Metz (with Peter Visser as deal captain) acted for KeBeK.

BBC Bouwmanagement is active in the field of project management and quality management for large real estate developers and corporate investors in Dutch real estate. The company supports its clients from the preliminary and preparatory phase of a building project until the final completion and delivery and focuses mainly on large projects including office buildings, hospitals, universities and shopping centers. BBC Bouwmanagement is also active in the earthquake area in the Province of Groningen in the North of the Netherlands, where it mainly engages in damage assessments an advice on reinforcements and repair of residential properties.


KeBeK is an independent Belgian private equity investment fund focusing on solid, midsize businesses having an identified potential for creating further growth and value. KeBeK actively

supports the management teams of its portfolio companies with the implementation of a jointly

defined corporate strategy.


Click here for the press release (in Dutch).Persbericht – BBC Bouwmanagement – NL